Factor IX dalcinonacog alfa

DalcA is a next-generation SQ Factor IX product candidate for the prophylactic treatment of individuals with Hemophilia B, which completed a Phase 2b study in 2020.

In 2020, we completed an open-label Phase 2b study to evaluate the ability of DalcA to maintain steady state protective Factor IX levels above 12% in six individuals with severe hemophilia B. Each subject received a single intravenous dose, followed by daily SQ doses of DalcA for 28 days during which FIX activity levels, clotting parameters, half-life, safety, tolerability and anti-drug antibody formation were monitored.

At the World Federation of Hemophilia Virtual Summit in June 2020, we reported that 28 days of daily SQ dosing of DalcA at 100 IU/kg achieved protective target FIX levels of >12% in all participants, with FIX levels of up to 27% and a half-life of 2.5 to 5.1 days. No bleeds were reported during the 28 days of dosing and the 5 day wash-out, demonstrating effective prophylaxis and the potential for lower or less frequent dosing. Injection volumes were less than 1 mL. One subject withdrew on day 7 after reporting injection site reactions (“ISR”) from the first 3 SQ doses. No neutralizing anti-drug antibodies were detected, and no serious adverse events were reported. A single non-neutralizing anti-drug antibody to DalcA was observed at the end of study time point and had no clinical effect. Some subjects reported mild ISR of pain and/or redness, primarily with the initial injections. No thrombotic events occurred, and blood coagulation markers did not show any prothrombotic signals.