CB 2782-PEG

CB 2782-PEG is an engineered pegylated C3 degrader that we designed with a best-in-class anti-C3 profile for dry AMD. Dry AMD is an ocular disease leading to vision loss and blindness for which there is currently no approved therapies. Complement hyperreactivity plays an important role in dry AMD. Using the protease CB 2782-PEG to degrade C3 allows for the neutralization of C3 activity. It is expected that maintaining low C3 in the eye can significantly slow disease progression in dry AMD in patients who would otherwise lose their vision over time.

The global market potential in dry AMD has been estimated to be $8.6 billion which could grow to over $18.0 billion by 2028. In December 2019, we entered into a License and Collaboration Agreement with Biogen for the development and commercialization of CB2782-PEG.